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  • Forward in Christ is the official publication of the Wisconsin Ev. Lutheran Synod (WELS)

Daily Devotion

» No Other – April 19, 2021

» There Is No Other – April 18, 2021

» The Best Kind of Refreshment – April 17, 2021

Faith Related Q and A

» Can the devil still use somebody who has already proclaimed Christ?

» I'm wondering if WELS is fine with having acupuncture done. I understand that hypnosis is not something that a person should do but I'm also wondering about acupuncture. I can't find it in the question section. Thank you.

» I have always had this question and have grown up WELS and taught in the educational system. Why did the first man and woman God make sin?

Forward in Christ

» Day 41: Jesus’ Passion – Podcast

» Day 41: Jesus’ Passion

» Day 40: Jesus’ Passion – Podcast