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The information in this section is updated on a regular basis.  Here you can find
  • Daily Devotions which share a message of encouragement from God's Word.
  • The Q & A section includes a variety of interesting topics.
  • Forward in Christ is the official publication of the Wisconsin Ev. Lutheran Synod (WELS)

Daily Devotion

» Justified – August 13, 2020

» Good in All Things – August 12, 2020

» Life That is Truly Life – August 11, 2020

Faith Related Q and A

» Is it alright to pray for friends or family whose religions are different from yours? Thanks.

» Does a pastor have to do the Lord's Supper? What if you can't get to church?

» I would like to know what is the church’s position on immigration? Many people use Leviticus 19:34 as a justification for immigration. What is the church’s position on it?

Forward in Christ

» Parent conversations: How should families prepare to go back to school?

» Campus Ministry: Celebrating 100 years

» Friends are friends forever