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Daily Devotion

» Not a Place for Tears – October 28, 2020

» A Celebration of Victory – October 27, 2020

» With the Finest Fare – October 26, 2020

Faith Related Q and A

» There are claims that Nebuchadnezzar himself wrote a whole chapter of the Bible (Daniel 4). I am not aware of any OT Scripture that is considered inspired from God when God didn't speak through a prophet, as Hosea 12:10, Hebrews 1:1, 2 Peter 3:2 teaches. To my understanding of how Scripture comes about, Daniel 4 is the accounting of what took place spoken by the Holy Spirit to Daniel. Am I wrong?

» I was reading an answer published under topical Q&A here about Mosaic law. Here’s a line from it that specifically brought a question to mind: “The Mosaic Law had limited purpose and duration. Its obligations ended when Jesus Christ came into our world as the fulfillment of all the prophecies of the Messiah.” Of course the people of the Old Testament were no more capable than we are of keeping God's laws perfectly, and if I’m correct, it was their faith in the coming Savior, and God’s promise of that, that saved them, whereas now it’s faith in Jesus who has already come and died for our sins. I know that good works and keeping God’s law are the fruits of saving faith and evidence for it. But when it says “its obligations ended,” that seems to imply there once was an obligation to keep God's law for salvation and now there isn’t. How was that different for them vs. how it is for us now? Thanks.

» Many times in Revelation it has been said that the world will get worse before Judgment Day. With everything going on with Covid-19, the election, crime, and the persecution of the Christian Church, do you think Judgement Day will come sooner rather than later? I understand that only God knows when Judgment Day is but I'm asking what you personally believe. That leads me to another question. I forgot what verse this was, but somewhere in the Bible Jesus said he did not know when Judgment Day was, that only the Father did. How is that possible if God is 3 in 1?

Forward in Christ

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